To create jobs for refugee seamstresses & inspire connections between everyday Americans and their refugee neighbors.


With each purchase, you make an immediate impact on the life of one of our refugee seamstresses. The living wage our refugee seamstresses earn while making your product is built into the price of each piece. Your dollars also support our social enterprise model which allows Neighbors Apparel to grow in an effort to create more & more seamstress jobs. Sewing is a skill that is inherent to many refugee women’s cultures, and many often receive vocational training on sewing machines while spending years in refugee camps. They carry this beautiful talent with them to the United States, and it’s a shame to let such talent lay dormant – which is often the case without the right opportunities. Our refugee seamstresses work from the comfort of their own homes, which allows them to fulfill familial responsibilities while also maintaining steady work. 


Putting a product that was handmade by a refugee into the hands of an everyday American will, by default, create a positive impression. The beauty & talent is evident upon first glance, and the story of hard work & persistence that each piece represents becomes more evident over time as it invites conversation about its maker. The bag will speak for itself, and it’s up to you to keep that conversation going. We also want to do our part in promoting positive, truth-driven conversation and breaking down negative stereotypes that often surround our refugee neighbors. That’s why each purchase will be accompanied with a Myth vs. Fact card which can be stored, memorized, passed on or shared through social media alongside a picture of your new Neighbors Apparel piece. It’s up to you to take the impact of your purchase as far as it can go.